Tal Manufacturing Solutions Launches 6-Axis BRABO TR06-6 Robot

Tal Manufacturing Solutions Launches 6-Axis BRABO TR06-6 Robot

Tal Manufacturing Solutions launched the new 6-axis industrial robot BRABO TR06-6 in New Delhi today. The BRABO TR06-6 caters to robotics animation requirements for multiple industries. The new 6-axis BRABO model is capable of complex manufacturing applications and has been equipped with articulate motion capabilities.

The 5-axis BRABO bot was well received when launched last year and garnered more than 250 orders. The new BRABO TR06-6 also offers the same easy to install, use and maintain advantages of its predecessor. It also comes with a modular design that enhances the work envelope, ensuring path accuracy and low emission noise.

This robot is also capable of automating tasks such as welding, cutting, sealing, gluing, material handling, vision inspection, chamfering, deburring and similar applications that use precise motion. Industries like electronics, metal fabrication, plastics, foundry and FMCG can make use of the BRABO TR06-6 for their robotics automation applications.

TAL Manufacturing Solutions has also managed to localise the production of the BRABO TR06-6 upto 90-95 %. The company decided to go ahead with the launch of this new 6-axis robot after it conducted extensive research and real-time trials across multiple industries and positive results received from beta customers.

The company also plans to introduce another 6-axis robot in India this year. While the BRABO TR06-6 features a 6 kgs payload, the company will also introduce a model with 12 kgs capacity in November to December 2018. The company also plans to launch a 20 kgs payload capacity model in June 2019.