Tata Communications Partners with Microsoft to Accelerate Development of Connect

Tata Communications Partners with Microsoft to Accelerate Development of Connect

IoT connectivity through MOVE will protect data, help manufacturers create new services faster and offer seamless experiences for drivers

Tata Communications has partnered with Microsoft to help speed up the development of new innovative connected car applications. The company is looking to combine IoT connectivity and network intelligence capabilities of Tata Communications MOVE with Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform. The company will enable auto OEMs to provide consumers with a seamless and secure drive experience.

The Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform offers cloud and edge services with a strong partner network that enables companies to create connected driving experiences. There is an increased capability to equip vehicles with encrypted vehicle-to-cloud solutions which can be applied through Tata Communications MOVE platform. It will address the key challenges that complicate the creation of vehicle-to-everything (V2X) applications.

Challenges such as data security, scalability, interoperability and effective management of these systems are reported to be addressed across the connected car ecosystem. The integration will mean that players within the connected car ecosystem, will be able to derive new market value added services and quickly ensure that drivers are offered reliable, consistent, user experiences across the globe.

MOVE offers businesses a greater flexibility and control over their connectivity options for the various applications and enables OEMs to solve their vehicle connectivity needs from a single platform. Further, the system analyses networks in real-time, chooses the best performing and most cost-effective networks in any country. Tata Communications has relationships with over 600 mobile network operators globally that can be leveraged by OEMs.