Tata Elxsi Autonomai Platform Selected By Top Global OEM

Tata Elxsi Autonomai Platform Selected By Top Global OEM

Tata Elxsi Autonomai Top OEM

Tata Elxsi Ltd today announced the licensing of AUTONOMAI, its advanced autonomous vehicle middleware platform to one of the top-five automotive OEMs globally, for its driverless car development. The company has signed a licensing and integration support deal with the OEM for their driverless car program.

The Autonomai platform provides manufacturers and Tier-I automotive suppliers with a modular solution covering Perception, GNC and Drive-by-wire systems, to quickly build, test and deploy autonomous vehicles. This solution supports sensor fusion with a variety of sensors from cameras to Radar and Lidar, Tata Elxsi noted. Autonomai also leverages sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning-based algorithms to deliver the complex use-case scenarios expected of driverless cars, it explained. Additionally, Autonomai is also said to allow rapid region-specific adaptation through its pre-integrated validation datasets, along with AI and deep learning capabilities.

Nitin Pai, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Tata Elxsi, said the company is happy with this latest win for Autonomai by one of the world’s top five car OEMs. OEMs will need to ensure that self-driving cars are able to communicate with each other through technologies like V2X, adapt to different driving conditions, receive real-time maps and over-the-air software updates, he added. Pai noted that OEMs also need to transform the current HMI to one that leverages AI, multi-modal interfaces and sensors to ensure passengers are not only safe, but feel safe too.

Naveen Arul
Author: Naveen Arul
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