Tata Motors Celebrates First Anniversary of ACE Gold SCV

Tata Motors Celebrates First Anniversary of ACE Gold SCV

Tata Motors has completed one year of its Ace Gold small commercial vehicle. Tata Motors has sold more than 20 lakhs Tata Ace category vehicles since its launch, with a market share of 66% in the mini truck segment.

The company has announced a host of customer-friendly offers on its entire range of Tata Ace vehicles and other Tata SCVs. The schemes will focus on improving earnings of the consumer and offer them lucrative savings on their purchases with Tata Motors until March 31, 2019, stated the company.

Introduced in 2005, Tata Ace has successfully pioneered the concept of mini-trucks in India. The Tata Ace family of vehicles has been constantly evolving, strategically identifying and filling gaps in the market ahead of its time. The Ace platform has so far produced about 15 offerings, based on Engine type, engine power & body configurations. Today, the Tata Ace family comprises of brands like Ace, Zip, Mega and Mint for SCV cargo and Magic, Mantra and Iris for passenger movement in rural and urban areas.

The company is offering low Interest scheme and personal insurance cover on purchase of any variants of the Tata SCVs. Under the low Interest Rate Risk (IRR) scheme, the customers will save up to Rs. 1 Lakh in EMI under 1.99 % for 3 years and 2.99 % for 4 years, which will be valid on Ace HT, Ace Gold, Ace XL, Ace EX, Ace High deck, Mega Cab Chassis, Mega, Mega XL, Zip Gold and Zip XL. The company will also provide Rs. 10 Lakh Personal Insurance under the Tata Delight scheme. These benefits will be available at more than 1224 dealer outlets (3S and 1S) across the country, noted a statement.

R T Wasan, Vice President, Marketing & Sales, CVBU, Tata Motors, said Tata Ace Gold has successfully delivered on its promise of being a game-changer by offering superior safety, versatile performance in varied conditions, ease of maintenance, comfort and cost-effectiveness to its customers.