UPES Students Develop Innovative Technology to Prevent Road Accidents

UPES Students Develop Innovative Technology to Prevent Road Accidents

UPES can be proud about its engineering students - Lakshya Gupta and Jaldeep Giniya – the duo has started a company called ‘Umbeo Tech’ that aims to solve real life problems using technologies like Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc. The two-member team developed a sleep detector device that aims to reduce road accidents in the country, by detecting the reducing attention level of a four-wheeler driver and alerting him/her before the mishap. 

According to Lakshya and Jaldeep, the device has the potential to reduce road accidents, uses computer vision technology to detect the attention levels of the driver and can be used by automobile companies or by individuals as an additional safety feature.

Talking about the innovation, Lakshya Gupta, a student of B.tech Computer Science- Specialising in Internet of Things and Smart Cities, UPES said the process of developing a device which has the potential to help in saving people’s lives was extremely exciting. The product can prove to be a revolutionary device for transport companies, as their employees (drivers) usually cover long distances and odd hours of driving, he added.

Jaldeep Giniya, a student of B.tech Applied Petroleum Engineering Specialisation in Gas, UPES said given the rate of road accidents due to inattentive drivers, there is a need to build a product of this nature. At UPES, the team received the right guidance and encouragement to find a solution to this problem through technological innovations, he noted.

Umbeo Tech was recognised by Startup India initiative and is in talks with the Uttarakhand government for the testing of the device and could deploy the device in all transport buses.




Suhrid Barua
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