100 Not Out…

100 Not Out…

100 Edition Not Out

Dear Readers,

The unprecedented situation arising out of the spread of COVID-19 has pushed businesses to take unprecedented decisions, with most of them now under production and operational suspensions for a limited period. At Auto Tech Review too, in keeping with our organisational directives and to ensure the safety and well-being of all our employees, we’re working from home until the lockdown is lifted. But like all of you, we continue to run our operations online, in a digital environment. We are increasing our digital activities, and we promise to engage with you more frequently in the coming times.

For us, the COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent lockdown comes at a time when we were gearing up to celebrate our 100th edition this month – 100 months since we started publishing Auto Tech Review in January 2012. It’s an important milestone in our journey over the years, and we believe we have been able to bring to you substantive information, knowledge and perspective about diverse automotive subject areas.

We would have loved to share with you the print copy of this special edition, but the lockdown leaves us with no possibility to print, unfortunately. Hence, I present to you our first digital-only edition. We, of course, stay committed to get back to printing the magazine once the situation normalises. Until then, we remain 100 not out…

Meanwhile, the coronavirus outbreak could potentially have a crippling economic impact on the global automotive industry. Nonetheless, one of the biggest positives emerging out of the current situation is how individuals and organisations alike are coming together to collaborate, co-create and innovate – even in areas beyond their core businesses – to help arrest the spread of the virus. It is extremely heartening to see the automotive industry taking a lead in this aspect.

From Mahindra & Mahindra announcing plans to manufacture ventilators and subsequently developing a prototype within 48 hr to Ford producing personal protective equipment to several others helping with medical materials and food supplies, the automotive industry hasn’t been found wanting in trying to minimise the societal pains, and offering in full measure its humane side.

Business-wise, there will of course be tremendous pressure on the industry. With losses mounting, the overall industry and individual companies might need to resort to drastic measures. We can only collectively pray that the impact isn’t too harsh on individuals and organisations alike.

Wishing each one of you and your loved ones a healthy and safe life.

April 2020, New Delhi