The ‘5S Pledge’

Editor's Desk Editorial July 2018 5S Pledge
The ‘5S Pledge’

Dear Readers,

It was during our safety seminar last year that we started propagating the safety pledge we’ve taken as a team. The “5S pledge” is not unique to us. It is practiced by many around the globe, in many different forms. It is a commitment we’ve made to ourselves to begin with, and I sincerely hope we are able to encourage each and every one of you to spread this message loud and clear to every nook and corner of this world.

The 5S pledge talks about a promise to be slow (no over speeding), sober (no drunk driving), secure (always use a seatbelt or helmet), silent (no unnecessary use of the horn) and safe (no use of mobile phones while driving) on roads. There are many in the industry, who have taken this pledge with us and together, I’m sure we can make a difference and contribution – however small that may be – in making our roads safer. I urge you to take this message to your colleagues, friends and family, especially young kids so this message gets imbibed in their value systems.

For the last five years, we’ve been organising a conference to discuss the role technology could play in making vehicles safer, with the focus on ADAS and lighting. We believe, these are two of the most definitive technology areas (of course, there are others) from a safety perspective in a vehicle. This year, we are also seeking answers to a few very pertinent questions. Sample these:

1. Mission 2020 – where do we stand vis-à-vis MoRTH’s road safety target of reducing fatalities by 50 %? What has gone right, what hasn’t – a relook at the nation’s road safety strategy.

2. Engineering, Education, Enforcement & Emergency care – what’s the ‘E’ India needs most to focus on, and what should be the priorities?

3. The road system, as we know, includes drivers, vehicles and roads. Does it need a change in approach to successfully curb road-related deaths?

Please do make sure you participate in this year’s “Seminar on Safety Driven by Technology” on 25 July. You’ll find all details on our website, or on page 59 of this edition. I look forward to your support in making this a key enabler in the country’s journey towards making our roads safer.

New Delhi, July 2018