Vision 2030 & Beyond

Vision 2030 & Beyond

Editor's Desk Vision 2030 Beyond

Dear Readers,

Mobility, as we know today, will undergo dramatic transformation in the years to come. Governments, mobility practitioners, urban planners, transportation experts have been talking about unprecedented change that the mobility industry will witness in the next decade or so, leading to 2030 and beyond.

Traditional mobility players are looking at readjusting their strategies and business models; even as newer entrants redefine the way the mobility sector conducted business in the past. Cross-industry collaborations are becoming a norm of sorts, as everyone’s trying to create meaningful solutions that have long-term viability. At some stage, the traditional automotive supply chain too would have to undergo drastic transformation.

Poor air quality, increasing population and congested roads have become the bane for most metropolises in the world. The United Nations, in fact, has predicted that roughly 60 % of the world’s population will live in cities by the year 2030. How governments, civil societies and the industry come together to address the concerns of carbon emissions, road safety and traffic congestion, yet ensuring that the speed of travel increases, will determine how mobility of tomorrow shapes up.

There’s phenomenal work happening worldwide to make transportation or mobility smarter, safer and sustainable in the long run. From automotive paints being able to trickle charge batteries in future electric vehicles, to connected seats becoming an integral part of the vehicle network; from Hyperloop to driverless pods and flying cars – transportation of tomorrow would be a completely different piece of science, event art!

In this first edition of 2018, we have focussed on and brought to you very interesting and insightful perspectives on aspects that are critical to the vision of transportation in 2030 and beyond – what will the powertrain scenario be in 2030? How will autonomous car sharing fleets impact traffic flow? How smart cybersecurity solutions for driving will be an absolute must in the future. Also read Ravi Pandit’s interesting insights on strengthening pillars for automobile transport in 2030.

Hope you enjoy reading this edition as much as we have enjoyed brining this to you. Here’s wishing each one of you a safer, cleaner and successful 2018!

Deepangshu Dev Sarmah
New Delhi, January 2018