Cloud Adoption To Be A Big Game Changer For Auto Sector

Guest Commentary July 2018 Dassault Ssytemes Cloud Adoption Game Changer Auto Sector
Cloud Adoption To Be A Big Game Changer For Auto Sector

PRASANTA KR DAS is Vice President, Cloud Strategy & Sales at Dassault Systèmes

In recent years, worldwide competition has led manufacturers to make fundamental changes in the product development processes. These traditional manufacturers are being challenged by new generation start-ups geared with futuristic technologies and leading the innovations, which are attracting consumer expectations. In order to sustain in the age of experience and competitive market, all manufacturers are forced to design and deliver products to beat the competition and continuously meet the end user experience expectations.

The choice of right engineering processes defines the design and development of product within required timeline, which is driven by short & iterative development cycles with the expectations to offer high quality products with competitive prices in the agile market.

Digital Transformation is the integration of digital technology into all the areas of a conceptualisation, design and manufacturing. It is fundamentally changing how the industry operates and delivers value to the market. This also helps businesses to innovate sustainably by continuous experimentation and challenging the status quo. This involves realising a virtually built model for an anticipated final outcome to be appreciated by the market.


Cloud is a critical component of the digital transformation underway in today’s global economy (mobility, big data/ analytics and social business). With cloud, organisations of every size are embracing this freedom to collaborate, design, build and deploy from anywhere, at any time in a secured environment with protection of intellectual property.

Dassault Systèmes’ cloud offering is unique in many ways. It is the largest cloud solution portfolio with 250 roles for every stage of the value stream – from upstream thinking to customer ownership including design & engineering, manufacturing, sales & marketing and after sales. Each subscription includes instant access to unique collaborative applications embedded within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform such as 3D design, engineering, modelling, simulation, data management and process management on the cloud; social communication, community building and ideation applications for collaborative innovation; 3D visualisation, analytics and dash boarding for knowledge sharing and data-driven decision-making for communities. Scalability, competitiveness, profitability, innovation, reactivity, agility, sustainability and security continue to be the key parameters for increased cloud adoption.

Changes in fuel, ownership and driver control preferences challenge automakers to master complexity and thus define future of automotive industry. Dassault Systèmes is leading this transformation in the automotive industry by providing end-to-end solutions. The company is working very closely with OEMs and supplier organisations in India and intend to replicate the global success.

Electro mobility accelerator solutions on cloud from Dassault Systèmes provide the industry-proven capabilities to germinate new electric vehicle ideas, explore regional options, virtually simulate and validate performance, and ensure flexible, lean manufacturing, all on one secure, powerful platform. Global EV innovators can accelerate concepts, validate performance and optimise manufacturing for next-generation mobility.

New electric vehicle innovators and global OEMs have many challenges in common. Competition has never been greater to converge new EV concepts, support early feasibility, engineer highest performance and accelerate innovative vehicles to market, all while optimising costs, quality and customer experience.

Global industry leaders have relied upon our 3DEXPERIENCE® cloud-based applications to capture and assess social media intelligence, analyse market demand, then develop and deliver customer-preferred innovations to market, faster and more efficiently than their global competitors. Dassault Systèmes Electro Mobility Accelerator solution on cloud offers the following benefits:

Accelerate optimal innovation – Provides an all-in-one collaborative cloud environment to imagine, create, design, simulate and deliver new mobility concepts and services;

Enable better productivity, save costs – Track ideas from initial concept to customer delivery, with integrated governance to improve productivity and reduce development costs;

Create, validate better innovations – Imagine more new innovative vehicle concepts and validate feasibility faster; and

Boost efficiencies, reduce time-to-market cycle – Deliver robust innovation with proven end-to-end engineering and manufacturing solutions to shorten time-to-market.


Organisations such as AKKA Technologies and Rimac Automobili deployed the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on cloud, and our solutions have helped them respond to the needs of all project stakeholders despite their locations. For companies operating in different locations, one of the biggest challenges is to enable people with varying skills and expertise from diverse backgrounds to work smoothly together.

With the deployment of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on cloud, project participants can access all the applications needed, when they need them. Teams have access to real-time information for full visibility on projects, changes and product data throughout the development phases. They can detect and resolve issues earlier, reuse data, and organise and prepare complex production processes. It also enables companies to industrialise its operations and expand its production capacity.

The PwC Global 100 Software Leaders report has ranked Dassault Systèmes as the third fastest growing cloud company in the world. Cloud, in fact, will be a big game changer in the future, including the automotive industry.