Siemens Conducts PLM Connection India 2018 Conference On Digital Twin

Event Siemens PLM Connection India 2018 Digital Twin

Siemens PLM Software India organised its PLM Connection India 2018 conference in a two-city format on May 22 and 24, 2018, under the theme of “Digital Twin: Strategy for Business Excellence.” The conferences were held at Pune and Bangalore, respectively, keeping in mind the strong presence of R&D companies in these locations.

Suprakash Chaudhuri, Managing Director, Siemens PLM Software India, while delivering his opening speech, provided an overview of Siemens PLM and the conference. This was followed by two keynote addresses - one by Shekhar Srivastava, CEO, HAL Bangalore Complex and the second by Regu Ayyaswamy, Vice-President and Global Head, IoT, TCS.

The two keynote speakers brought to the fore a range of use cases that the Siemens PLM software has created while assisting the respective organisations. These industry experts also highlighted the future of the aeronautic and automotive industries, and how the speciality of tools from Siemens could assist them in future.

The first half of the conference saw company representatives as well as event sponsor HP Inc providing insights into the various tools offered by each of them for the purpose of development and engineering. This was followed by a number of breakout sessions on specific topics related to current and future design and development requirements.

These sessions were conducted on topics including design & engineering, lifecycle management, manufacturing, and Siemens’ SolidEdge portfolio. The topics focused on areas of digitalisation, simulation, validation, quality, costing and additive manufacturing.

The common session on ‘What’s new’ saw a bigger focus on additive manufacturing – it discussed the various solutions offered by Siemens. Lakshminarasimhan threw light on how topology optimisation plays a vital role in additive manufacturing, with design being established by defining the functional requirements of the product.

The final segment of the common session was on the ‘second’ disruptive technology, which was addressed by Patrick Niven, Product Manager, Siemens Industry Software. Niven talked about ‘Integrated Simulation and Test’ being this second disruptive technology, and the implications it has for future mobility technologies such as autonomous and electric vehicles.

The conference attracted participation of delegates representing the manufacturing sector of various industries, especially those in the design and development roles. It also saw engineering students taking in the latest advances in the area of product lifecycle management, which is the basis for development and implementation of new products and solutions.

Naveen Arul
Author: Naveen Arul
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