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Role of Simulation in Present Scenario

Simulation is the digital form of carrying out testing and validation, and it is fast becoming the standard for engineering development, taking the place of physical prototyping and testing. The main reason for the growth in simulation technologies is that the development time for new products has been cut drastically, in addition to companies look Click Here to Know More

Punch Powertrain uses Simcenter services and tools to cut development time by at least a factor of 2

The development of electrical motors for hybrid and electrical automotive propulsion presents many engineering challenges. Mechanical engineers can choose from a large variety of motor types and configurations, and have to effectively evaluate all possibilities. Besides the right conceptual configuration and control strategy for maximized energy ef Click Here to Download

Automaker uses Simcenter Amesim to optimize design of electrical systems early in the development cycle

Significant advancements are witnessed in electric vehicle design as well as in electric car charging stations design. The automotive industry has been witnessing significant advancements in electric vehicle design. It is observed that the automotive industry has been witnessing increasing electric car power consumption over the last few decades. Click Here to Download

Engineering firm uses Simcenter Amesim to optimize driving range of electric vehicles

The automotive industry is working over time to address electric vehicles driving range as well as vehicle thermal management system. Electric vehicles driving range is perhaps one of the biggest roadblocks towards adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). Across the globe automotive players are working out ways and means towards addressing electric ve Click Here to Download

Hybrid specialist teams up with Simcenter Engineering services to compete in the Chinese new energy vehicle market

The china electric car market is witnesing a lot of action with the Chinese automotive industry making faster inroads than the rest of the world. The market will witness BYD auto chinese electric car.  There is a great deal of action in the china electric car market. The Chinese automotive industry has marched ahead of the rest of the world, in t Click Here to Download

Resolving NVH of hybrid vehicles: focussing on improved Noise, Vibration & Harshness

A significant amount of advancements are taking place to address NVH performance, noise reduction and adhering to noise level standards The area of vehicle NVH and acoustics are witnessing significant advancements. And among alternate fuel technologies hybrid vehicles are considered a good option. From the vehicle (NVH) perspective, hybrid vehicle Click Here to Download

Research center uses Simcenter tools to develop complete model-based engine management system

The automotive industry across the globe has been witnessing significant improvements in model-based engine management system,powertrain development and system modeling and simulation French research centre IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) - one of Siemens PLM Software’s long-term partners - has been a big driving force behind paving the way for c Click Here to Download

Adopting a digital twin approach to optimize electrified vehicle performance engineering

Stricter environmental regulations combined with the rise of autonomous vehicles and shared mobility accelerate the need for powertrain electrification. This strongly reshapes vehicle engineering processes and methods. The pressure to innovate and produce mass-market vehicles forces the entire transportation industry to adapt and to deliver solutio Click Here to Download