Ather 450X – Optimised to Perform

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Ather 450X – Optimised to Perform

Ather 450X – Optimised to Perform

Ather has also improved the fast charging performance with the 450X electric scooter to offer upto 50 % faster charging

Ather Energy has recently unveiled the latest iteration of its 450 series of electric scooters, the Ather 450X. This model holds more promise for the company, offering an optimised setup for the motor, battery and overall structure of the vehicle, to deliver emission free and green performance at par and even better than some its counterparts that are powered by fossil fuels.

Further, the company has also introduced the new electric scooter in India at Rs 99,000 (Bengaluru) and for R 85,000 after subsidies in Delhi. The model is available with two variants Plus and Pro. Ather boss man Tarun Mehta stated that the company has worked on improving the battery pack and motor of this electric vehicle. The overall system can now deliver specification that can perform better than some of its rival brands from the ICE side. For instance, the Ather 450X touch 0-60 km/h in 6.5 s while industry leading TVS NTorq does the same in 7.65 s in the 125 cc segment and the Aprillia SR150 does it in 7.9 s in the 150 cc segment.


Charing & Battery

Ather has also improved the fast charging performance with the 450X electric scooter to offer upto 50 % faster charging. Ather has also introduced a Warp mode on the 450X that enables the rides to extract more performance out of the electric scooters. As per Mehta, all of this has been achieved by improving the form factor of the battery pack from 18650 to 21700. This has enabled Ather to deliver a certified range of 116 kms and an on-road range of 85 kms. Further, the motor has also been optimised to deliver 6 kW of power and 26 Nm of torque.

Ather has also worked on the all-aluminium frame of the 450X and the overall weight & packaging of the scooter to reduce its weight to just 108 kgs, a sharp 10 kg drop from its previous iteration. With this Mehta informed us that the scooter now offers a lower steering inertia and better flickability. It also comes with regenerative braking and high performance tyres along with a tyre pressure sensor to optimise riding range. With the overall improvements, Ather has been also able to certify its battery pack for an unlimited time warranty.