HMI Offers Solutions For Complete Autonomous Ecosystem Development

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HMI Offers Solutions For Complete Autonomous Ecosystem Development

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence HMI Solutions Complete Autonomous Ecosystem Development

Through its multiple offerings, HMI is helping customers design their entire autonomous journey

Much development is publicised about work taking place around the development of autonomous vehicles. However, there is an angle in terms of the manufacturing technologies that enable the development of automated driving vehicles. Sridhar Dharmarajan, Executive Vice President & Managing Director, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence (HMI) India & MSC Software, Indo Pacific, shares about the solutions offered by the company for autonomous vehicle development.

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HMI offers a virtual test drive product that helps scan the complete environment and simulates the manner in which an autonomous vehicle should behave in complex environments that it operates on. Some of the other divisions of the Hexagon Group (HMI’s parent company) provide cameras to scan the entire city or environment so that it can be used for future simulation as real-world conditions. Therefore, the company has the capability on the software side to take inputs from cameras and create digital twins or sorts of various physical conditions that can be subsequently used for simulation, noted Dharmarajan.

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Additionally, the company offers a product called Adams, which is for multibody dynamics simulation that is focussed on the development of ride and handling aspects of vehicles, said Dharmarajan. He added that the decisions of an autonomous vehicle need to be taken quickly in real-time, and in line with what a driver should typically do in various situations. The company also offers solutions to track the exact location of a vehicle and has the ability to take all the collected data and create hardware kits that can convert a regular vehicle into an autonomous one.

Therefore, Hexagon offers solutions for the entire autonomous space, right from scanning the environment to a final autonomous vehicle, along with retrofit capability as well, noted Dharmarajan. He said a number of companies in present times are using this complete autonomous ecosystem technology, and HMI is helping them design their whole autonomous journey.