AVL Acquires Shares In Simulation Software Start-Up FIFTY2 Technology

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AVL Acquires Shares In Simulation Software Start-Up FIFTY2 Technology

AVL List GmbH Acquisition Shares Simulation Software Start-Up FIFTY2 Technology GmbH Global High-Tech Enhances Simulation Skills

Global high-tech company AVL enhances its simulation skills with the partnership with FIFTY2 Technology

AVL List GmbH has announced that it has acquired shares in FIFTY2 Technology GmbH, a start-up that develops simulation software. FIFTY2 Technology originated from the University of Freiburg and developed PreonLab, a software tool that enables the simulation of previously impossible fluid dynamics applications.

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The two companies have already been working together successfully for several years, AVL noted. It added that the entry of AVL as a shareholder now reinforces this partnership. AVL is claimed to be the largest independent company for the development, simulation, and testing of powertrain and energy production systems for passenger cars, trucks and large engines. These powertrain systems include combustion engines, transmissions, electric motors, hybrid drives, batteries, fuel cells, and software. AVL has over 10,400 employees across the globe, with its sales revenues reaching € 1.75 bn in 2018.

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Helmut List, CEO, AVL, said this important step will strengthen and expand the company’s simulation skills even further. Roland Wanker, Vice President, AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies, added that with PreonLab, AVL is opening up completely new possibilities for customers to simulate liquids in a significantly shorter time, with less effort and with impressive visualisation capabilities.

“Thanks to AVL’s unique engineering know-how and strong sales organisation – paired with our expertise in the field of particle-based liquid simulation – we were able to quickly attract worldwide attention with PreonLab and win many enthusiastic customers,” noted the two founders and managing directors of FIFTY2, Markus Ihmsen and Jens Cornelis.