Disinfection Robot Developed to Battle Viruses

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Disinfection Robot Developed to Battle Viruses

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Researchers at Siemens research lab for Advanced Manufacturing Automation has created an unmanned robot which will be joining the fight against COVID-19 crisis

The urgent requirement to protect emergency personnel from the dreaded COVID-19 virus has warranted many non-medical companies to produce protection tools. One such new addition is a low-cost disinfection robot with full electric drive capability. Siemens and Aucma labs in Qingdao are able to design a prototype in just a week. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the robot is capable of disinfecting 20,000 to 36,000 square meter area in an hour. Two moisturizer guns act as the delivery system for the disinfectant in spray format. A 360-degree camera mounted on the top sends the video feed to the operator. The vision algorithm of the video feed allows the operator to locate and distinguish affected areas which can then be cleaned to spread any further spread of the COVID-19 virus.

For increasing usability of the robot on multiple surfaces, the team selected a caterpillar system instead of wheels. This means it can overcome obstacles and negotiate slopes easily thus improve usability. The size too makes its use more viable for use as because of its smaller dimensions it can reach inaccessible areas for disinfection without risking a human to be exposed. Yu Qi who is Head of Siemens China’s Research Group mentioned that these robots are adaptable to different user scenarios. So not just hospitals, but schools, offices, public places or manufacturing facilities may all be able to use its functionality. This just may be a great help in allowing all of humanity to resume all administrative and manufacturing duties. The robot is completely electrically powered making it safe to use indoors.