Rain weather testing made efficient with Messring Spraymaker

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Rain weather testing made efficient with Messring Spraymaker

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Spraymaker aids testing systems by replicating rain weather conditions and study its influence on passenger vehicles

Messring has developed a system that will help vehicle designers and engineers understand the effect of rain and dispersed surface water on cars. Rainy situations are an unpredictable class of influence on everyday passenger cars, and this Sparymaker will reproduce these situations to design better dynamics on cars. The testing array of camera, radar and lidar for testing rain and spray mist on ADAC tests have a better chance of producing actionable data with this simulated rain feature. All driver assists and autonomous driving systems depend on real-time data from sensors, where rain weather makes it difficult to perform. This spray system can provide valuable insights to perfect the performance of these sensors thus increasing functioning and safety.

Spraymaker is mounted on the carrier vehicle in front of the target vehicle via a belt. Two 100l water tanks are placed on the seats of the car with water nozzles attached to the rear and sides. A set of hose and pump system can then deliver pressurized water to the rear can create the desired rain influence on the test vehicle being driven behind the Spraymaker. Two water nozzle kits, with flow rates of 1l/min or 2l/min, are available for variable rain volumes to be dispersed, from a strong spray cloud to a fine mist. Users can shower the test vehicle through the 12 nozzles for 8 or 16 continuous minutes using a remote control switch. Since weather-related effects on vehicles are difficult to simulate but very crucial for accident prevention and pedestrian safety, Spraymaker will be a significant step to address this issue. Different road surfaces have varying responses while under the influence of rain. Issues like visibility and grip can further be developed by a clever system like this one.