Spirent Introduces Sim3D for Realistic Multipath Simulation

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Spirent Introduces Sim3D for Realistic Multipath Simulation

Spirent Introduces Sim3D for Realistic Multipath Simulation

The new Spirent 3D simulation tool is aimed at addressing challenges including obscuration and multipath effects faced by GNSS signals

Spirent Communications plc has announced the launch of its new multipath simulation tool, Spirent Sim3D. A leading provider of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) testing solutions, Spirent’s new 3D modelling solution offers testing of realistic multipath and obscuration effects on GNSS signals in a virtual environment. The new system is a result of collaboration among Spirent and OKTAL Synthetic environment, to offer geo-typical environments, including highway, urban city or forest as well.  

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Obscuration and multipath effects are among the major challenges to achieve accurate GNSS positioning solutions. Using the new model, the GNSS signals consistently communicate with fully customisable 3D environment to simulate real life applications- wearable device on pedestrian or a vehicle on highway and enable testing detail, control and realism. Realistic multipath and obscuration simulation with the new tool will add greater credibility and optimisation to GNSS testing for any desired environment.

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Historically, researchers and developers involved with GNSS receivers relied on statistical models and live field testing to decode the effects of multipath on GNSS signals, ultimately a time consuming process. The company claims that Sim 3D can accelerate development of connected, autonomous vehicles along with other applications as they need to test millimeter-accurate positioning and sub-100 nanosecond time signal accuracy in a variety of environments

Martin Foulger, Managing Director of Positioning, Spirent said as vehicles become more autonomous, detailed understanding of the effects of obscuration and multipath on a vehicle’s ability to generate an accurate position will become more necessary.

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