Volkswagen to Use German Autobahn Data for Assisted Driving Through Simulation

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Volkswagen to Use German Autobahn Data for Assisted Driving Through Simulation

Volkswagen to use German Autobahn Data Through Simulation for Assisted Driving

Volkswagen will anonymously collect the data and capitalise on it through simulations to develop its capabilities in assisted driving

Volkswagen has inaugurated a cooperative project called “Testfeld Niedersachsen” under which a seven kilometre long test track in Lower Saxony Testing Area will be utilised to collect traffic flow information. The testing area is an open research and development platform that offers a unique combination of different testing options, such as the simulation of various traffic flows, stated the company. Volkswagen will use the information to improve assisted driving software.

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The section will be operated by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and will be equipped with cameras that will record anonymised data on the driving behaviour across various kinds of road users. The data will be collected in an anonymous manner and will be closely supported by pWLAN technology that enables direct communication between vehicles and traffic infrastructure.

Volkswagen hopes to collate knowledge in different aspects for assisted driving purpose while using the stretch of road. Last year, the DLR installed the data collection technology along the stretch of road, with which all vehicle positions are precisely measured in order to record all traffic events. 

Dr. Frank Welsch, Chief Development Officer of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, said in order to research assisted driving, data from standard daily traffic is absolutely necessary. The Lower Saxony testing area will allow the company to collect data in a completely real-world environment as well as expand on it using simulations.

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